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You are here because life is complicated. You are here because you need help; because you need advice; because you are overwhelmed and need someone to make this period of your life a little less stressful; because you need someone to tell you that everything is going to be alright.  In life and in law there are no "one size fits all"  solutions. My job is to help you find a resolution to your legal issues that is "you-sized". I am here to help you find the best possible outcome when you're faced with tough legal issues. I can help you with your Family Law issues, Probate Court concerns, Real Estate quandaries, Landlord / Tenant headaches, and Estate Planning. I am licensed to practice law in both Ohio and Michigan. Take a look through the rest of the site to get to know me a little better, and when you realize that I am the right attorney give me call and we can get to work on developing that perfect "you-sized" solution. Life is complicated, but a resolution is right around the corner.

Unless of course you came to this site to look at pictures of my handsome face. If that's the case, browse away.